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I’ve attached a list of Duos, One list is for MD and HD (or any other melody instrument), the other for 2 MDs. The prices are on the list. If you want a harmony arrangement of something not on the list let me know. The price for these “custom” arrangements is $10 per page.

         Duos For MD and HD.pdf                                                                                            Duos for MD $10 and up

There is also a book of HD duos & trios. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in I’ll send you the tune list for that book. Email me.

Do you ever need 2-part music (melody + harmony)?

Hammer Dulcimer Music

Mountain Dulcimer Music

Dulcimers & Accessories

Everything you need.....

Instruments (New and Used) - Cases (for MDs, Autoharps, Bowed Psalteries) - Stands - Books - CDs - DVDs - Electronic Tuners- Straps - Picks and Hammers

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New Page! Skills & Techniques for HD and MD
Music and videos to help players improve their skills.....Work_On_Technique.html

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Beg. HD

Advancing Beginner MD

Intermediate HD

Intermediate MD